• You're in the Army Now
  • You're in the Army Now

You're in the Army Now

Photo by Lucas Metz on Unsplash

"You're in the Army Now" is an American song written in 1917 by Isham Jones and lyrics were written by Tell Taylor and Ole Olsen. This piece of music has appeared in several movies and cartoons about the US Army and the lyrics provided titles for two 1941 army comedies "You're in the Army Now" and "You'll Never Get Rich".

These shades remind us of the brave armed forces, particularly in our minds this year, as we honour the 70th Anniversary of D-Day.

Each You're in the Army Now silk set contains:

  1. 3044 Airforce Blue
  2. 4185 Dark Airforce Blue
  3. 4186 Aero Blue
  4. 4177 Soldier Blue
  5. 3082 Dark Khaki
  6. 3258 Battleship Grey
  7. 4192 Army Fatigues
  8. 4072 Gunmetal Blue
  9. 3441 Boot Black
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