About our silks

Our luxurious skeins are 100% pure Chinese monofilament silk thread. They come in skeins of six strands of 6.5 metres long, with a total skein length of 39 metres. We now have 714 vibrant shades of silk for you to choose from.

The strands can be used individually or in any combination to suit the project you are working on. Our silks are monofilament, so the sheen is much higher than that of spun silk. The threads are z-twisted (compared to DMC for example which is s-twisted). This doesn’t make much of a difference in stitching, except for a very few specific types of stitches. One strand of Silk Mill thread is slightly thicker than one strand of DMC thread. Silk Mill silk is soft and smooth and doesn’t snag.

Our silks are hand-dyed in central China, by a family of artisans who have been dyeing silks for generations. Each artisan is trained for four years before being able to work. No colour charts are used, it is all done by memory and with an incredible eye for colour. Despite the simple, traditional methods used, our silk shades are always consistent.

Most of our silk shades can be washed carefully in cool or cold water. We do not recommend washing the red shades even though they are guaranteed colourfast. We think it wise to be wary of strong shades!

If you haven't tried our silks yet, why not start with a sample set? This offer allows you to choose any three silk shades for 12 euros with free postage. This offer is a great way to see if the silks would work well for your project.


If you are looking for particular shades, we also have a shade card system that you might find helpful. Choose 8, 16 or 32 shades and we will send you a good sized snippet of each silk on a shade card, sufficient to stitch a test area and see exactly how the shade will look.

Silk Mill sets are the most economical way to buy the silks when you are looking for a variety of individual shades. These sets are heavily discounted - the more silks in the set, the bigger the discount. We have created themed sets, put together around a particular topic such as Be My Valentine, Graffiti Wall, Solar Eclipse and Here Comes Summer. We also have a range of shade sets that contain a selection of shades of one colour, like Fade to Black, Green with Envy and South Seas Blues.


Silk Mill silks are used by our customers for a whole range of different creative projects, including cross stitch, miniature embroidery, patchwork, beading, costume making, ecclesiastical projects, decorating ceramics, archery and even fly-fishing! Some of the projects we are particularly proud to have been a part of are the restorations of Captains Cook’s Waistcoat and Nelson’s Cot on HMS Victory.

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