• Summer at the Old Cottage

Summer at the Old Cottage

b(9) House, 'The Old Cottage', has a thatched roof and is of the 17th century. The plan comprised three rooms, the middle one being unheated. The original staircase, now removed, was on the N. side of the E. chimney-stack lit by a small window high up; the latter is now blocked. The outside has been reconstructed at various dates. The partitions on the W. and E. sides of the present hall are respectively of the late 17th and 18th centuries. The staircase was inserted during the 19th century.

These shades capture idyllic summer days with endlessly patient grandparents at The Old Cottage on the Isle of Purbeck (also see the set 'Isle of Purbeck').

Each Summer at the Old Cottage silk set contains:

  1. 3419 Silver Birch
  2. 4029 Sea Lavender
  3. 4213 Purbeck Stone
  4. 4211 Dragonfly
  5. 3096 Salmon Mousse
  6. 3095 Pink Gin
  7. 3094 Rosemary Jelly
  8. 3233 Rhubarb
  9. 3454 Pink Hydrangea
  10. 3059 Rich Butter
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