• Monet's Palette

Monet's Palette


Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

Claude Monet’s favourite colours, or at least some of them. The orange on the palette knife, the pale peachy colour, and the pale ultramarine blue are from his London paintings, the light lilac from his paintings of the Seine, and the red is for poppies. The turquoise green coming out of the paint tube on the left is close to the colour of the Japanese bridge in his garden at Giverny. Of course, he used just about every colour there is in his waterlily paintings. The lighting and mood of the photograph is in the style of Caravaggio.

Each 'Monet's Palette' silk set contains:

  1. 4148 Chrome Yellow
  2. 3355 Rich Viridian
  3. 3072 Emerald Green
  4. 4007 Ultramarine
  5. 3283 Cobalt Blue
  6. 3372 Madder Red
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