• Just Desserts

Just Desserts

Photo by Ojashri Basnyat on Unsplash

We were spiraling around the narrow streets of Vanarasi when we came across this small yet busy yogurt parlour. The walls had so many stories and delightful reviews about the “lassi” (yogurt made into a special drink by adding nuts, sugar, roasted cumin and by mixing it in a clay pot-they make the lassi according to the flavors you like as well) so we had to try one ourselves. It was in simple words truly refreshing and so very delicious. We were already tired finding our ways through the narrow streets, hardly two people can walk, hence it was a good break to stop by there. A must try!

Each Just Desserts silk set contains:

  1. 3028 Lemon Sorbet
  2. 3030 Lemon Souffle
  3. 3233 Rhubarb
  4. 3248 Apricot Yoghurt
  5. 3249 Apricot Cream
  6. 3279 Pistachio Icecream
  7. 3296 Chocolate Mousse
  8. 3315 Mandarin
  9. 3395 Blackberry Mousse
  10. 3399 Blackberries and Cream

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